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Water Treatment Reference Manual

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Technical References
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Multi-Media Handbook™

Typically, the information you need right now is spread out over paper manuals and books, documents in various formats in different locations on your computer. Until now, efficiently managing all of that information was almost impossible.

The new Multi-Media Handbook™ lets you combine virtually any file that can be opened, created or run into one common heading, and have each available with the click of a button.

To ensure that MMH 5 is the most comprehensive, complete and technically competent water treatment reference you can own, we have licensed the AWT Technical Reference and Training Manual. All 500+ pages of reference authored by some of the industry's most respected technical experts are included in MMH5. Click here to get a complete Table Of Contents and informatoin about the authors In brief, the contents are:

• General Water Treatment (12 chapters),
• External Treatment (14 chapters),
• Boiler Systems (14 chapters),
• Cooling Water (13 chapters),
• Regulatory Compliance (7 chapters),
• Rohrback's Corrosion Primer (10 chapters),
• Various technical papers and reference documents.

MMH also comes preloaded with calculations that you can run and print out (with your logo inserted):

• Boiler mass balance
..(two presentations -.graphical
..and tabular),
• Boiler efficiency (heat loss method),
• Steam properties,
• Rate of return (calculate the cost
..savings.from running at higher cycles
..and.increased condensate returns),
• Cooling system mass balance,
• Biocide depletion with time,
• Chiller efficiency,
• Saturation indices,
• The effect of cycling on saturation
..indices and mass balances,
• Flow rate through heat
..exchanger tubes,•
..Alkalinity relationships,
• Chemicals used in water treatment,
• Lime/lime-soda softening calculations,
• Zeolite softening calculations,
• Periodic table,

• Conversion factors (add your own and.run the conversion),
• Solution concentration tables.(add your own, if we left any out),
• U Coefficient for Surface Condensers,

AND, we are regularly adding new chapters - technical references and calculations, which are available to current owners of the program. MMH can check for updates on our web site automatically, and download and install any new chapters that it finds. It can also check to see if program updates are available as well.

MMH is very web friendly. Chapters have a button that can take you to a web page with more information about the subject (if available), and those that you add can point to any site you define. An internal web browser makes this process a snap.

Finally, in order to expand your ability to view documents that you may not otherwise be able to, MMH comes with over a dozen "free and shareware" viewers and programs.

Premier among these is OpenOffice®. This is a completely free, fully capable office suite, consisting of a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation generator, graphics program, data base manager, scheduler, email and web browser. These are not scaled back versions, but are all fully capable applications. OpenOffice is included with every copy of MMH.

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