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Desktop Applications

Track 3

powerful process management software

Track 3 LoggerPro
hand-held data logger & input source

Track 3 MobileLink

Any Apple or Android smart device as an & input source


service reports for
water treatment professionals


water treatment reference manual

Web Applications

a collection of web based applications
T3-Performance Logs
monitoring and analysis application
MMH Online

web based reference manual

Track 3 WebSync
Track 3 merged with T3-Performance Logs

LXF develops and markets a wide range of desktop and web applications.

Our products focus on process monitoring and equipment efficiencies with an eye toward lower energy costs and industrial water treatment.

From our beginnings in 1987, it has been the feedback from our loyal customers that has driven product development and improvement. And those customers include many of the largest manufacturing companies in the world; automotive, steel, refining, food processing, chemicals, etc.

Find out how LXF's desktop and on-line applications can help your organization operate more effectively and efficiently.

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